The Ramsar Technical Reports series


Ramsar Technical Reports are designed to publish, chiefly through electronic media, technical notes, reviews and reports on wetland ecology, conservation, wise use and management, as an information support service to Contracting Parties and the wider wetland community in support of implementation of the Convention.

In particular, the series includes the detailed technical background reviews and reports prepared by the Convention's Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) at the request of Contracting Parties, which would previously have been made available in most instances only as "Information Papers" for a meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP), in order to ensure increased and longer-term accessibility of such documents. Other reports not originating from COP requests to the STRP, but which are considered by the STRP to provide information relevant to supporting implementation of the Convention, may be proposed for inclusion in the series. All Ramsar Technical Reports are peer-reviewed by the members and observers appointed to the STRP.

Ramsar Technical Reports are chiefly published in English in electronic (PDF) format -- when resources permit, they will be published also in French and Spanish (the other official languages of the Convention). The series editors are Heather MacKay (Chair of the STRP), Max Finlayson (former Chair of the STRP), and Nick Davidson (Deputy Secretary General, Ramsar Secretariat). Further information can be obtained from Nick Davidson ( or Dwight Peck (

Ramsar Technical Reports now available

No. 1
Guidelines for the rapid assessment of inland, coastal and marine wetland biodiversity (published jointly as CBD Technical Series No. 22) (300kb) (also available in French and Spanish)
No. 2
Low-cost GIS software and data for wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring, by John Lowry (1.9mb) (also available in Spanish)
No. 3
Valuing wetlands: Guidance for valuing the benefits derived from wetlands ecosystem services, by De Groot, Stuip, Finlayson, & Davidson (published jointly as CBD Technical Series No. 27)(1.6mb) (also available in French and Spanish)
No. 42010A Framework for a wetland inventory metadatabase, by John Lowry(424kb)
No .52011A Framework for assessing the vulnerability of wetlands to climate change, by Gitay, Finlayson, & Davidson (published jointly as CBD Technical Series No. 57) (1.1mb) 
No. 62012Healthy wetlands, healthy people: a review of wetlands and human health interactions, by Horwitz, Finlayson, Weinstein (published jointly with the World Health Organization) (3.9mb) 
No. 72012Ramsar wetland disease manual: Guidelines for assessment, monitoring and management of animal disease in wetlands, by Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) et al (14mb)
No. 82012Waterbird flyway initiatives: outcomes of the 2011 Global Waterbird Flyways Workshop to promote exchange of good practice and lessons learnt, by Choi, Crockford, Davidson, Jones, Mundkur, Prentice & Stroud (eds.) (published jointly with AEWA, CMS and EAAFP secretariats) (7mb)
No. 92012Determination and implementation of environmental water requirements for estuaries, by Janine Adams (published jointly as CBD Technical Series No. 60) (2.5mb)

Note: PDF versions of Ramsar publications are laid out for A4 size paper printed at 100%; readers intending to print to "letter-size" (8.5x11") paper should set their Acrobat printer set-up to "scale to fit" or something similar.
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