Partnerships with the private sector

Beginning with the pioneering collaborative relationship, inaugurated in 1998, between the Ramsar Convention and the Danone Group and its Evian water company, the Convention has welcomed opportunities to expand the resource base of the Convention and its activities by developing mutually beneficial relationships with the business sector. A full statement of the objectives of such relationships from the Convention’s point of view, as stated in the Principles for partnerships between the Ramsar Convention and the business sector (adopted by Resolution X.12, 2008) can be seen here, and present and future such arrangements are governed by those Principles.

The Danone Group

Since 1998, under the aegis of the “Evian Initiative”, and more recently through projects and programmes including the Danone–Evian Fund for Water Resources, the Danone Group has provided generous financial support to the Ramsar Convention as part of efforts to raise awareness among decision-makers and the public at large about the importance of water resources. Communications materials for World Wetlands Day, field projects developed under the Evian Water Protection Institutes, the Evian Special Prize awarded in conjunction with the Ramsar Wetlands Conservation Prize, are just some of the activities and campaigns undertaken to raise awareness among stakeholders of water resources-management challenges and to provide them with the tools necessary to sustainably manage natural sites and wetland resources.   Read More »

Biosphere Connections

The Star Alliance Network of airlines has established a partnership agreement  with the Ramsar Convention and IUCN. The initiative aims to promote the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. Thanks to the partnership, the Convention benefits of subsidized travel for delegates from the Parties, particularly from the developing world.   Read More »
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